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Solvay Coke & Gas Plant - Milwaukee, WI 

Cute Moonchul ♥


This is the greatest tweet in the history of tweets


TaePyo  {August 2014

A simple drawing to celebrate the “HER” era♥
I think this is my second taepyo (First*) they are cute together… I could not resist hehehe.
I really LOVE p.o’s haircut~ ≧∇≦

i just go to your blog and i see your u-kwon side image, you edit it yourself? it is really good! is it rude of me to ask if you could do one for zico? when he's in yellow suit too? your blog is amazing! sorry for my not good english

yes I did, and thank you!!!! are you referring to this one?

I’d love to make a zico one!!! but I’m quite busy until the weekend so I will have to wait until then to make it ^___^

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