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6 , 2 and your so cute <3

2: Shoe size
around 8-10 in womens idk the conversions for countries that arent america

6: Age you get mistaken for
ummm not so much recently but when i was younger i would always get told i looked a lot~ older than i actually was lmao



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1 11 16 22

1: Virgin?
already answerd pffff

11: Best friend?

16: I’ll love you if
you have brown eyes and dont shave your armpits like a stupid ass pussy bitch named jiho

22: What I want to be when I get older
idk i just really want to do science, i don’t care what it is just give me a microscope and watch me stare at my fingerprint for 4 hours

21 42 and 45 :))

21: What I love most about myself
i guess the fact that i’m actually enthusiastic about learning and i really don’t care that i’m shit broke, sorry block b i’d buy your albums but i just wanna learn about your cells

42: The last thing I ate
uhh popsicle and mexican food for my bday dinner, what a combination

45. Selfie
already answered~

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3, 4, 13, 23

3: Do you smoke?
no, already answered~

4: Do you drink?
i did like once ??? and i found out i really fucking hated it, i just cant stand the taste of alcohol in general 
that and thats how my relationship w my boyfriend started wow big mistake 

13: Biggest turn ons
when Hot Boy does that thing where he sits and his legs are spread and hes slouched, its lame but its the first thing i could think of
and when he has a job 

23: My relationship with my sibling(s)
I LOVE MY BROTHERS SO MUCH FUCK i was texting one of them the other day and he’s changed so much its so cute (we dont get to see each other very much ;;;;) they’re both 13 but in my mind they’re both still 7 like where the fuck have i been for the last 6 years who knows

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